We are raising tomorrow’s heroes on today’s playgrounds.


QRS is starting a grassroots basketball program projected to train hundreds of kids in the field of basketball at a very transformative environment.  We plan on partnering with local government units, volunteer coaches and athletes to offer their time and provide free lessons to the kids from different areas.  QRS believes that the linkages with the barangays are the key to its basketball development program initiative. 

This grassroots program also aims to send the kids to regional or metropolitan wide sporting competitions such as the Batang PBA and the D-League.  And when things are set in place, QRS hopes on institutionalizing this basketball development program and making it into a movement.

Transforming our youth through basketball explains what we in QRS believed in, what we want to do and it also describes our advocacy.  We advocate for the important social role of basketball sports in:

  • health enhancing physical activity,
  • education, training, employment, volunteering,
  • active citizenship, and good governance.

QRS is optimistic that we can raise tomorrow’s heroes on today’s playgrounds.